Single Sign-On Solution For Education Sector

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Significance of Single Sign-On Solution For Education Segment

Reasons for Deploying SSO Solution For Educational Institutions

Even if most students manage by keeping their info straight and straightforward, then also it is still challenging to log in to all these applications separately. It would take time, which can be very daunting. Many CASB vendors like CloudCodes are providing single sign-on SSO solutions to cloud security much easier for educational professionals, who are tasked with identity and access management. Hence, this is going to ensure that only the right people are having proper access to the right online software, web tools, and digital apps.

Benefits of Single Sign-On Solution For Education Industry

Whenever any new software is required, it just needs to be communicated to the 3rd-party SSO and IAM vendor to support them with it, and institutes do not require any legwork of that integration. Yet another significant benefit that educational organizations avail is with user-level lifecycle management.

For example, when any student or user moves from Undergraduate to Postgraduate, such a system cuts off access to the previous set of applications. It gives him or her another game, which is seamless as well as quick at the same time. Also, when any students or users leave the institution, such identity systems quickly, and needless to say, automatically remove them from particular applications. It ensures greater cloud security.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution By CloudCodes



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