Salesforce Data Security Model — Deciphering Its Data Security Model

To give a security model that fulfills various, individual business cases, Salesforce provides a far-reaching and adaptable information security model to protect information at multiple levels. Salesforce additionally gives sharing instruments to open up and permit secure access to information dependent on business needs. This post fills in as an introduction to the Salesforce Data Security Model. For more top to bottom data about it, see the Safeguard Your Salesforce Data Trailhead trail, and the perusing material at the end of this article.

A Look into Salesforce Data Security Model

The Various Levels of Data Access in Salesforce Organizations




Manual sharing

Organization Level Security

IP restriction

Login access

Password policies

Role Hierarchies in Salesforce Data Security Model

Making sure about information is of foremost significance. Salesforce gets one or the other is the reason as effectively exhibited above. It gives different manners by which you can keep your information protected. Here, we have talked about in detail the security model in Salesforce, Salesforce security model outline, and Salesforce security model prescribed procedures. By understanding the Salesforce Data Security model, you can guarantee the more prominent wellbeing of your information.

Originally published at on September 29, 2021.

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