Need for Identity and Access Management to Balance Data Access

Need for Identity and Access Management

Security Challenges In IAM

  • The main challenge for enterprises with regard to cloud security is to gain control over identities. Owing to Shadow IT, commercialization of apps, and flooding of numerous SaaS apps; it becomes difficult for the enterprises to discover where their identity repositories exist. For that, they need to first achieve visibility into the cloud IAM framework. Once the enterprises gain visibility through the IAM solution, it becomes easy to manage cloud security through a centralized view.
  • The next challenge for enterprises is to assign rick priorities of all the existing apps, employees, and systems. All of these need to be prioritized as per the sensitivity and significance so that data can be protected at all times. Policies need to be designed, customized as per the users and systems, and strictly enforced to ensure data protection.

Importance of Identity and Access Management System For Enterprises

  • The present IT architecture, as well as future needs, is to be assessed first
  • Make a list of all the in-house apps and the standard apps along with version details that will have to be integrated with IAM.
  • All the Operating Systems, third-party apps, web servers have to be compatible with the identity and access management tools.
  • The access control devices like card readers and other hardware have to be integrated with the IAM system.
  • Define user roles and user/ group access privileges and also include the restrictions that are to be imposed.
  • See what amount of customization is required to achieve the desired level of security when integrating IAM into the enterprise.
  • Enterprises need to see that their security measures comply with the regulatory need of the local and federal governments.

Identity Management Challenges Faced By Enterprises

IAM Solution From CloudCodes

Originally published at on October 11, 2021.



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