Need for Data Security For Telecom Industry — Secure Your Telecom Industry Data With CloudCodes Access Control

Data Security For Telecom Industry

Telecommunication industries require the handling of varied types of protocols like the VoIP, SS7, etc. and these are vulnerable to hackers who target the telecom industry. In the past, it was easy for hackers to break the security cordon and get access to confidential data with sophisticated tools and knowledge. But now, telecom operators increasingly depend on cloud services for their work processes.

It has added to the improved efficiency in business and helped them to store and distribute more content; thus, they can roll out new services to the customers. But, with the increased dependency on cloud services comes the onus of securing cloud data. It is of great concern when a survey says that only 60% of the telecom industries have a secure data loss prevention strategy for cloud computing.

Need For Data Security In The Telecom Industry

Case Study Of A Telecom Company

Problems With G Suite

CloudCodes For G Suite (gControl) As A Solution



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