Important Questions to Ask While Evaluate CASB Vendors

Evaluate CASB Vendors — Why it is Necessary?

How the CASB solution differs from the in-built cloud app security?

Do CASB Solutions Impart End-to-End Protection for Cloud-Based Data?

Is It Possible to Implement CASB Access Control Over Both Unmanaged and Managed Devices at the Same Time?

Check If the CASB Solution of Your Liking Can Provide Real-Time Visibility and Control?

Does CASB Solutions Protect Unauthorized Data Access?

Why should businesses use a CASB?

Organizational Benefits of CASB Implementation

  1. If the enterprise has bulk confidential data like law firms and finance corporations, then availing a feature that allows granular control of data is highly significant to them. CASB solutions provide the best practices like absolute control over data sharing and downloading by users over the cloud, restricting access to limited groups or individuals, and guarding against data duplication.
  2. CASB solutions also offer setting up permissions of documents and ensure keeping them protected at all times.
  3. Monitoring the traffic from on-premises to cloud services can help the enterprises to keep a check on the policy violations, using Shadow IT features.
  4. Enterprise mobility is aided by the CASB solutions. They provide data security when downloading sensitive data from cloud storage to personal devices like mobiles etc.



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