Credentials Work As The Keys To The Digital Kingdoms

Keys to the Digital Kingdoms

Credentials work as the keys to the digital kingdoms. If organizations are still in two minds about implementing employee credential security. Verizon-2015-Data-Breach-Incident-Report needs to be studied carefully to make the decision-making ability clear. Half of the web-attacks in 2014 were by stealing the credentials and gaining access to the organization’s data (this is as per a report analyzing 80,000 security incidents and 2000 confirmed breaches of data). And the astonishing part in this is that 95% of the credential theft was made possible through mobile devices outside the company firewalls.

  • The network credentials stolen from an HVAC subcontractor who worked at several Target locations were responsible for the data breach at Target.
  • Now more and more organizations like Home Depot, CVS, and Costco have squarely laid the blame on third-party vendors as the culprits in data breaches, and this may happen accidentally or intentionally.

A look at Multi-Factor Authentication

In Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), the user will need to prove his credentials in more than one form. The best example is to enter an SMS-generated code within the specified time limit. New MFA technologies use mobile devices such as phones and watches to supply the authentication code. It is easier to implement and is cost-effective in making it simple to integrate it into a single sign-on environment, thus providing a superior user experience. On a mobile-based MFA, the users have to follow a prompt or enter a code provided by the MFA app on their cell phone or watch. Once this second factor is authenticated, the user can access their apps and files.


Security for credentials can be provided through IAM solutions, CASB solutions, SSO, MFA, and federated identity solutions. The best step would be to search for an efficient third-party cloud security solution provider so that the company’s confidential data is never compromised. Don’t be a statistic or fodder for the next breach report in Verizon. Find your way out for credential theft and implement the needed cloud data security solutions and win the battle against data attacks.

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