Cloud Visibility Challenges And How To Overcome Them With CASB

Cloud Visibility and Security as Obstacles in the way of Cloud Adoption

Cloud Visibility Challenges for Enterprises

The information is stored in logical pools, which are the physical storage that spans multiple servers in a cloud computing environment. With servers located in various places, pinpointing the exact portion of the stored consumer data becomes complicated even for the cloud providers. When the vendor does provide information about the location, it becomes ‘easier said than done for the customer to confirm that it is accurate. The vendors start to feel that they are taking the vendor’s word for it. It is a problem, and many vendors are taking up the challenge of cloud visibility and transparency seriously.

Role of Enterprises in Improving Cloud Visibility

Correct deployment of cloud security solutions like the CASB solutions always helps enterprises protect their data against unauthorized access and meet cloud visibility challenges. It is no surprise that 46% of the survey respondents thought that the cloud service provider’s security solutions have to meet their cloud compliance requirements before the cloud deployment. But the fact is that the vendors need not always share their proprietary security information, and only the big companies usually get the reports from the cloud providers.

How Can CASB Solutions Help?

Originally published at on October 8, 2021.



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