Cloud Security For Retail Industry — How Retailers Can Stay Secure in the Cloud

21st Century Retail Industry

The 21st century has seen a new tr /end where consumers have flocked to online retail industry platforms and E-commerce websites for nearly everything as their first choice. From purchasing everyday household things to most advanced technology, fashion clothing to kitchen utensils, bath linings to classy furniture, toys to playrooms, bridal makeup artifacts to trendy footwear, products are being searched online for almost everything. This trend is a paradigm shift from consumers flocking the local markets in the 20th century before the increasing traffic now over the Internet in this 21st century. Even in the local marts, customer data is fed into the systems, which is used either for home deliveries or sending them marketing messages, etc. Consumer’s information is fed into these systems, most of which are cloud-run, bringing this data in the threat-loop. It can be maliciously used, thus compromising consumer data privacy, thus hampering the reputation of any such retail firm, if any such malicious attempt in this regard is materialized and gets real. Thus, cloud security for retail industry is something that needs to be addressed with an immediate effect for many businesses finding it an intimidating issue.

Cloud Adoption in the Retail Industry

Proactive advertisers too are smart enough to serve what is demanded of them by promoting their E-commerce platforms and making huge profits by selling everything that they can convert into business. These E-commerce platforms and online retail outlets use different payment methods that capture users’ personal and confidential details like phone numbers, email addresses, credit card information, complete addresses in case of home deliveries.

Apart from winning their online behavior and choices of particular users of particular age groups over the months, a user makes purchases on their portal. This ever-increasing traffic coming to their website gives the E-commerce businesses a big boost, especially with these platforms turning their heads-on towards cloud computing only due to a large number of daily transactions they carry out.

At the same time, there is an open opportunity for bad apples to steal the very confidential and private information of users, which many times these E-commerce giants are unfortunately unable to protect simply because of lack of interest or ignorance. Thus, cloud security for retail industry is something that needs to be addressed with an immediate effect for many businesses finding it an intimidating issue.

Cloud Security for Retail Industry

The online players in the retail market must acknowledge that this ignorance of their staff may reflect poorly on their reputation and cause them significant losses in the long-term. So, along with reaping the benefits of Cloud computing, they should also safeguard their data by taking the right measures cloud security for the retail industry to avoid running into losses.

CASB Solutions for Cloud Security Gaps

CASB solutions have spread across the market profusely. Cloud security is a significant concern, which can be addressed by a collective approach wherein cloud providers go hand-in-hand with these cloud security CASB solutions providers for best effects. Together both these systems can benefit the retailers and e-commerce giants greatly in meeting their cloud security goals.

When shadow IT solutions cast their dark shadow on cloud-run retailing operations, these CASB solutions come as the ray of hope, helping the firms create a data-safe haven where attackers and hackers do not have any entries. People with malicious intent cannot break into the robust and secured CASB governed systems as any malicious efforts thus attempted would be reported to the IT.

So, it won’t be wrong to call CASB solutions the wonder solutions, which every firm in the retail segment must deploy. For choosing the right cloud security CASB solution provider, it is always a good practice to first test their solutions on some of their use cases, as it would open the gates for a magnificent evaluation.

CloudCodes role in the e-commerce industry

CloudCodes for G Suite allows e-commerce companies to add that extra layer of cloud security on top of G Suite without any significant change in management. The IP Restriction feature provided by CloudCodes CASB solution for G Suite protected the Enterprise from unauthorized access by the employees or by any unauthorized person outside the office premises. In addition to the above feature, CloudCodes offered a Consumer Gmail Block feature that gave admin access to block the personal Gmail ID in the office network and ensure the corporate email is working smoothly. Admin was given the rights to apply this extension based policy to Users as well as Organizational Units.



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