Cloud Computing Security Methods — Upgrade To New Security Techniques

The need for cloud computing security methods has changed drastically in the past decade. But the point is that many enterprises are still stuck with outdated versions and hence are vulnerable to security threats. The businesses even approach and deal with essential matters like passwords and security questions is a primary example of the security approaches from an outdated version. Risks have changed now, and there is a paradigm shift in the security technologies that have to be incorporated to keep in tandem with the newfound cybersecurity threats.

With a changing technology landscape, organizations have more powerful authority to delegate strong password policies to every individual. Hence, there is no need to rely on the older security techniques in cloud computing like the date of birth, mother’s maiden name, which seems to be obsolete now in the changing times. Text messages, emails, and messaging apps have taken over the security challenges, but very few enterprises have shifted their approaches. The main problem lies in the lack of knowledge regarding the consequences of data breaches that may take place and their after-effects for the enterprises.

Cloud Computing Security Methods

There should be increased awareness and education on cybersecurity for the people who build the IT infrastructure. Organizations should know that it is wiser to invest in imparting the right knowledge about security to their staff rather than cough up the hefty security breach fines in cases of any such problems encountered of data leakages at later stages.

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Originally published at on October 6, 2021.

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