Are You Making The Most From Your CASB Adoption?

Statistics Speak For CASB Adoption

  • Currently, CASB has become an essential part of any enterprise’s security-stack. Analysis report from Gartner predicts that by the year 2020, around 85% of organizations would use a CASB solution for securing their cloud-run applications.
  • Cloud computing is indeed the most incredible force in the technology market today, and this has seen in the last decade or so. Forrester predicts that this scene would continue disrupting conventional computing models at least through the year 2020. Starting in the year 2017, big enterprises moved to the cloud hugely, and this has, in a way, super-charged the market.
  • The Cloud working environment has enabled these new and complex business models, orchestrating far more global integration networks in the year 2017 than many analyst firms were predicting it. Along with rising CASB adoption increasingly by many small and medium businesses (SMBs), leading researchers like Gartner and Forrester are also adjusting their predicted market forecasts upward.

CASB Adoption

How to Evaluate the Best-Suited CASB Solution?

Why Compare CASB Vendors?



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