Need for Identity and Access Management

SaaS Security Data Breach

Cloud Visibility and Security as Obstacles in the way of Cloud Adoption

Reaching Compliance With CASB

Zero Trust is an organization security model in light of an exacting character confirmation measure. The structure directs that alone validated and approved clients and gadgets can get to applications and information. Simultaneously, it shields those applications and clients from cutting-edge dangers on the Internet.

An examiner at Forrester Research…

Cloud adoption has been on rising for the last 8–9 years. For all good reasons, enterprise finds cloud-based applications to be cost-effective and bring efficiency in their overall process. However, there is no single universal cloud application that will work for every need of an enterprise. Based on the functional…

Things To Know About Shadow IT Solutions

The need for cloud computing security methods has changed drastically in the past decade. But the point is that many enterprises are still stuck with outdated versions and hence are vulnerable to security threats. The businesses even approach and deal with essential matters like passwords and security questions is a…


CASB for AWS Security

CloudCodes Software

CloudCodes is a cloud security solution provider founded in 2011. We focus on providing cloud security solutions to enterprise customers through its SSO.

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